Saturday, October 19, 2019

Chapter 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Chapter 2 - Essay Example Sticking to the goals is one of the fundamental aspects of success. Indeed, we live and work for a purpose of achieving our targets. As such, keeping ones focus is a responsibility that should remain supreme. For example, I had always wanted to score top grades in my studies though initially I was not good in classwork and discussions. I faced many challenges including financial constraints, low self-esteem, difficulties in learning, peer pressure, and lack of moral support. However, I kept the focus by initiating personal engagements with my tutors, visiting the library, increasing my input in discussions, and attending all lectures. I made a personal commitment to take my studies seriously with an aim of attaining high marks. As a result, my grades are now on an upward trend. Most importantly, I had to maintain consistency in my quest to attain my targets. Therefore, I made my commitment in education a norm and habit that I followed at all times. Had I not being constant, I would h ave fallen out and would hence not achieve my purpose. There are benefits of using this point in that it teaches me on the need to establish a target and work towards it. Having a purpose in life allows one to concentrate their efforts to something of interest to them and hence high chances of success. Additionally, the point teaches me on the need to observe consistency in seeking to achieve one’s goals. Indeed, without consistency, ones concentration on the set goals would vary thus affecting the probability of succeeding. Furthermore, one cannot claim to have focused when he is doing his things haphazardly with no uniformity. Actually, the use of this point helps in understanding that consistency leads to the adoption of a code of conduct and a code of ethics that facilitate the realization of goals, minimizes mistakes and variations. In fact, it is focus to the set goals and consistency in working towards them that ensures Total Quality

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